Victory Christian Ministries Inc.

A Church With One Heart, One Mind, One Purpose!

Upcoming Church Events 2018

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  • February 11th 4pm
       Pastor Blassingame Birthday Celebration
  •  February 18th 4pm 
      Black History Month Service

  • March 17th Missionary Luncheon 12pm
  • March 18th 8am, 12pm, 4pm
     Minister's & Missionaries Conference
  • March 26th- March 29th 7:30 pm
     Good Friday- 7 Last Words
  • March 30th 7:30pm
  • April 7th 
       Bishop Moore's Birthday Celebration
  •  April 8th 4pm
       Bishop Moore's Birthday Service
  • April 21st 12pm
       Community Outreach
  • April 29th 4 pm
       Mens Day- 5th Sunday 

  • May 6th 4pm
     Bishop Moore to speak at St Mark Holy Church
  • May 19th 5pm
     VCT Children Choir Anniversary

  • June 8th 7:30pm
        Bishop Moore speaking at Mount Olive Church
  • June 16th 4pm
        VCT Dance Ministry Service
  • June 21st-& June 22nd
  • June 23rd Greater Works Unity Revival
  • Family & Friends Day
  • June 24th End of School Term YPCA Service at 4:00 pm
  • July 8th  4pm
     Ushers Ann Service at 4:00 pm
  •  July 26th to July 29th  

31st Church & Pastoral Anniversary
  • August 5th at 4:00 pm
    VCT Church Anniversary Services
  • August 6th -  August 10th at 7:00 pm 
  • August 12th 11:00am & 4:00pm
  • August 19th at 11:00 am
  • August 26th at 11:00 am

  •  September 7th 7pm
      Bishop Moore is guest speaker at Bishop Hudson 
      September 16th 4 pm
      Pastor Gail Smith Church

  • October 7th 4 pm
       Apostle Walker Church
  • October 14th 4pm
      Bishop Vereen Birthday Celebration
  • October 19th- October 21st 
       Women's Conference
  •  October 26th 7:30 pm
      VCT Kids Halu Party

  • November 4th 4 pm
       Pastor Blassingame's Pastoral Anniversary
  • November 18th 8 am, 12 pm & 4 pm 
       Men's Day
  • November 22nd
       Thanksgiving Feed the Community
  • November 25th 4 pm 
        Y.P.C.A Service

  • December 1st- December 9th 
       South Africa
  • December 22nd 12pm to 3pm
       Youth Ministry Christmas Party
  • December 23rd 4pm
       Youth Ministry Christmas Service 
  • December 30th
       Men's Day
  • December 31st 
     New Years Eve Service